Butterfly Peas or Asian Blue Peas.
This is our master collection! You will find all our products based on Clitoria-Ternatea or Butterfly Peas.

For individuals:
The dried flowers of Butterfly Pea, 4 different packaging.
The Blue Matcha or Butterfly Pea Powder, 3 different packages

For professionals:

The dried flowers of Butterfly Pea, from 1 kg or in box of 17 kg.
Extract of Clitoria-Ternatea or Butterfly Pea Powder, for professionals from 1 kg or in boxes of 17 kg.

Butterfly Pea Warning:

The Butterfly Pea flower has been consumed without notorious side effects as a food coloring for a very long time in Asia. It is considered a traditional food and its use has been approved by the Thai FDA as a beverage and food coloring. In the USA, the FDA has approved it as a food coloring and tolerates its use as a tea. In Europe, it is tolerated but still considered as a novel product and is currently under review by EFSA
Pregnant women: Consumption of Clitoria-Ternatea ingestible product during pregnancy could result in adverse effects. In the absence of sufficient hindsight and as a safety measure, it is strongly advised against using Butterfly-Pea during this period.
Overconsumption: in case of excessive consumption, some people may be prone to diarrhea. In this case, stop all consumption and if it persists, seek medical advice.

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